Wonder how get that event executed successfully?
Wonder who to trust with the planning and execution of that much prized event opportunity?
Allow us help you take an informed decision in this regard.

If we were you, we would have asked the very same questions that you and many out there typically ask before they decide on their event partner. And the questions go something like : -
(a) How creative the event partner is in coming up with innovative event ideas?
(b) What quality and quantity of experience does the event partner bring to the table?
(c) How efficient are they in offering a cost-effective event solution?
(d) How fast can they deliver?

Allow us quickly answer these four primary questions that are of prime interest to you.


Creativity is integral to Squarecircle. Without a shred of exaggeration, that describes Squarecircle work culture. We try and bring our creative strengths to every assignment we are entrusted with. This allows us produce results you desire.


Yes, a brand personality that denotes the ability we represent in developing event solutions for unusually difficult brand-engagement problems. We stay focused at perfecting the art of finding seemingly impossible solutions for problems laden with conflicting needs and opinions that you may approach us with. Well, that’s a feat which compares with fitting a circle into a square and vice versa.


As they rightly say, “practice makes a man perfect”. Nonetheless, it’s not merely the number of years or quantity of experience that counts, it’s the quality of challenges we handled that really matters. The scale, size and magnitude of challenges we were privileged to take on give us the confidence to handle any type of requirement you may have today. In over 14 years we could partner with reputed national and multi-national brands from across the industry spectrum.


Since we believe in offering ‘optimum at minimum’, you will find our prices delightfully competitive. With a pool of reliable vendors and a global network of resources we are able to deliver you quality services within your budget.


Our professionalism includes the speed at which we are able to get it all done for you. Again, the quality of team SQUARECIRLCE and resources at our disposal gives us the preparedness and confidence to accomplish your event at the speed you want it done.